Monday, April 24, 2006

Reflections T1, 2006 (Emily)

I have come away from this term feeling less than satisfied with the blogging experience. I think there have been a number of contributing factors but I think the one that is probably concerning me the most was the lack of "buy in" by the students this term.

This term we used the blogs as an assessed part of their coursework/portfolio. This meant that much of the process was teacher driven - do this, do that - and I think the fact that it was assessed meant that the students didn't take ownership of their individual blogs. I am aware that there are a number of authors out there who completely disagree with assessing blogs and wouldn't be surprised with the above observations. In the past I have really enjoyed getting to know my students. Obviously I see them almost everyday and start to get to learn about their families, what they do, what they are interested in but with the blogs, in the past, students have often told me about things that don't usually come up in everyday classroom conversations.

Next term, term 2, I plan to again use blogs as part of their coursework but work hard on reminding students that it is their personal space. I also like Karen's idea of pictures and comments and might use pictures instead of questions when teaching students to comment in the hope that I get more language. I'm still very interested in how students "talk" through their blogs too and will keep an eye on the apparant awareness of a reading audience.


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