Friday, June 17, 2005

Why didn't it work?? (Term 1, 2005)

Found myself sharing a lovely class with 2 other teachers. I only taught these students on Thursday afternoon and Friday morning for a total of 4 hours. Despite such a short time with them I felt that we bonded well and that they were happy to try to "things" (well most of them anyway!).

In the second week of term I took the class into the lab and introduced them to BLOGGING. Most of them caught on quickly. The task was to create a blog account and then to introduce themselves (to the world) via a blog posting. As usual there were some fantastic entries and some that were, well, not so fantastic, in fact some were non-existant!

Anyway, all students were able to create an account so I linked all of their blogs to a posting on our main class blog. One particular student did a fabulous job of adding to her blog on almost a daily basis. She was a very bright student and was highly motivated. In class she was often quite shy but with the use of blogs she seemed to feel less inhibited. She had no additional guidance insofar as what blogs can and are used for but she started with basic journal type entries and went on to practice descriptive writing and to review a reader that she had been reading.

Unfortunately due to a sudden unexpected growth in numbers in our programme I had to leave this class and teach another group of students so I was not able to encourage students to continue with their use of blogs. This resulted in all of the blogs staying dormant!! Arrrrggghhh!!


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