Friday, June 17, 2005


We came up with a structure (which has been flexible but we have basically stuck to this order):
Week 1
Introduction: Students set up personal blog(in class) and email the link to the teacher. Teacher to set up a class blog with links to all students blogs (after class)
Week 2
Editing: Show students how to make changes to previous posts (in class). Homework to correct first posting.
Communication (Respond): Students to write one question and post on their blog (in class). Students to access peer blogs and use the comment function to answer the question (in class – to be finished out of class).
Week 3-8
5Rs (Respond, Reflect, Review, Rave, Rant)
Class 1: To do autonomously throughout term choosing between any of the 5Rs (Emily)
Class 2: Follow the 5Rs systematically through tasks set by the teacher (Karen)
Week 9
Review: Students to look at the other classes blogs and to comment.
Questionnaire. Survey


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