Friday, June 17, 2005

It's a new beginning (Term 2, 2005)

Karen and I are excited with the prospect of blogging with our classes. We decided that we needed to be a bit more organised and at least have a more structured approach to how we use blogs in the classroom.

Both Karen and I had used blogs on our own trips away in 2004 (Karen to India and me to Chile) and had found them to be a useful way to tell our adventures and thoughts to a large audience. Blogs are great because they are authentic in that if you post something on your blog it is there for other people to read. Often in classrooms we ask students to write things that are only intended to be read by their teacher so we decided that we would introduce blogs as a way of providing students with a larger authentic audience.

Since we were planning on using our students to test our approaches and ideas for using blogs to help students improve their English we had to get ethics approval. Ethics approval was relatively straight forward and after a few minor changes we have approval to start asking students what they think of blogs, blogging in general and how they think blogs can and do improve their language learning.


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